Using Your Duplex to Pay For Your Mortgage

There are many reasons why I recommend Tina as THE agent for anyone looking to buy their first (or 10th) house. The primary reason is this: Tina is a trusted advisor. She cares deeply about understanding your needs (+wants and must-haves), combines her knowledge of the local marketplace with what she has learnt about you and helps you make one of the most complex and financially relevant decisions you’ll ever make in life. Tina’s communication style, her attention to detail and her love of educating folks on real estate all shone through in her interactions with me. She really advocates for her clients and I’ve seen sellers immediately take my questions and interest seriously thanks to her support. I am certain I wouldn’t have made my decision as well as I did without her guidance. –Raghu (Bought a Multi Family home in July, 2020 in Oakland, CA)

One of my favorite clients!