Rockridge New Thai Restaurant Yimm is a Hit and other food musings

In my pursuit of yummy Asian cuisine, I was  disappointed when Osmanthus on College Ave in Rockridge closed although I can’t say I was surprised. Osmanthus never created a presence in the Rockridge food scene. The Asian fusion menu was limited, the food mediocre and the outside patio under utilized.

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by the new Thai restaurant in place of Osmanthus. It claims to be Thai home cooking which includes fried egg with rice (often my favorite dinner), Yeh Tai Fo (seafoood noodles with red sauce) and Lord’s Noodle (steamed glass noodles). What’s great about Yimm is the absence of MSG in their food, even the soup. This is very significant since there’s an overwhelming amount of soup stocks which are  served in restaurants have MSG.

I’ve been there now 4 times and each time the food have been satisfying. I’ve taken my co-workers there and now they’re hooked too.Yimm menu

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